Design Ideas for Renovating

When considering your design for renovating a property, it is easy to get carried away designing in sophistication and buying the best. Unless you have a bottomless wallet, this philosophy will lead to failure. Every time you buy an expensive material or appliance, you are reducing your margin. Quality doesn’t always equal expensive. If you don’t need a marble slab in a kitchen, buy a quality alternative or consider reclamation yards, it will almost always save you money but still deliver the finish you are after. Remember, less is more.

The type of design ideas used when renovating a property is dependent on a number of issues, the main consideration being whether the property is a long-term family residence, a buy-to-let investment property or a so-called flip property, bought to renovate and sell to make a fast profit.

In all instances budget is king. If a property is to be lovingly renovated to become a long-term family residence then the design ideas must take into account the need for long term live-ability. Quality fixtures and fittings do not come cheap; invest in the best quality kitchen and bathroom appliances rather than use cheaper versions which may have to be replaced more than once over time.

If a property is a rental then it is acceptable to install reasonable standard fixtures and fittings, a no-frills policy being a priority. There is no point decorating to a high-quality finish standard if you are unsure as to whether the tenant will be able to maintain the quality of the property, so easy to clean finishes such as wipe-able wallpaper and painted surfaces are a must.

Water proof wallpaper that can be used in a kitchen around the sink areaModern kitchen design that is cheap and sylish








If the property is to be sold for a profit the same logic applies. Reasonably priced bathroom fittings and a functional kitchen are a good investment and will make the property easier to sell. The design palette should be neutral rather than too stylised; neutral wallpaper or shades of paint will ensure that the property appeals to as many potential buyers as possible. For the same reason flooring should be kept simple – plain carpets or laminate/hardwood floors.

The only limit on the design ideas for a home is the creativity of the person doing the renovation although these will impact budget. On a moderate budget there is still a wide selection of wallpapers, paint, and tiles. Most DIY stores have wallpaper sample books and tester paint pots so that you can try out the different styles and colours at home before you commit yourself to spending a lot of money on any materials you choose.

Obviously the final design will depend on personal taste. Not everyone can live with primary colours so neutral pastel shades tend to look more sophisticated alongside a feature wall – for example, wallpaper one wall in the living room in a brighter paper to create a focal point.

Interior Designs and Decoration

Flooring does not have to be limited to traditional carpets; modern types of laminate are very popular and easy to clean. Again the choice will be dependent on the budget available. Ordinary carpets can be made to look more expensive and sophisticated with the addition of a rug or two to give the impression that more money has been spent than actually has.

Wooden floor texture with red leather couch and pillow

Storage can be attractive as well as practical. Modern storage units range from free-standing shelves to multi-purpose items such as coffee tables with in-built storage for everyday items. There are lots of fun items available to hide clutter such as faux leather cubes that also double as seating.

In the case of major renovation with a higher budget available the design options are more sophisticated. Now is the time to consider the potential for extending the property; providing an en-suite bathroom off the master bedroom for example, or perhaps even adding an extension onto the kitchen to create a larger social area – the kitchen-diner.

There are many design considerations to investigate for a typical renovation project. For example, who will be the primary user of the facilities – a young professional or an older person? The design can be developed around the person using the facilities. Is a power shower essential or is the room to be more traditional with the standard bath, sink and lavatory? The available space is a major consideration, with many different styles of sanitary ware devised with efficient use of space in mind.

The availability of good lighting is essential in a kitchen as is good ventilation to avoid the quality of the décor being damaged by condensation. For those on a moderate budget there are many useful products on the market such as track-lighting , built-in lights in cupboards and air vents.

Storage is another thing to be taken into consideration when designing a kitchen. Modern units have clever built in storage systems such as revolving units to hold extra items, pull out drawers, and so on.

Modern features available also include taps that provide on-demand boiling water, while modern appliances such as the large American-style fridge freezers with built in ice machines add an air of sophistication. Consider the finish on the units; modern sleek, streamlined arrays of gleaming stainless steel or lacquers make for quality finishes and are moderately priced.

One current trend is to use eco-friendly materials in design projects. Use either reclaimed materials or material made by environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Eco-friendly flooring is also available, and is constructed from renewable materials, which when disposed of will biodegrade readily. Make sure you avoid using toxic chemicals during installation.

Technological innovations have created many eco-friendly building materials and technologies such as solar panels, high efficiency insulation, double and triple glazing, and water conservation.

Outdoor Features

Outside space is attractive to the majority of people – somewhere to enjoy that morning coffee, or for the children and pets to play, offering a robust ‘extra room’ to the property. Garden design does not have to be expensive; a simple sitting area can be created with either a flagged patio or decking, or the more traditional lawn. A huge variety of seating is available to suit all budgets. Using plants in pots will keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

Rhododendron flower floating in a stone basin fed by a bamboo piWater features are very popular and range from a simple birdbath to a fountain, or perhaps adding a pond creates another focal point in the outside space. Barbecuing is popular with ranges of accessories such as gas-powered patio heaters offering warmth in those cooler times.

Eco-friendly gardens are designed around such things as drought resistant planting and water conservation. For the eco-friendly gardener you can source materials from reclamation yards; old railway sleepers and old crates used as planters are very popular.

The use of a professional interior designer offers many benefits in terms of saving time, energy and money. Interior designers will be up to date with the latest styles and features and can give your project the wow factor.