5 Tips For A Successful Renovation

1. Get recommendations
Whether you are looking for professionals or suppliers, ask around for recommendations. You’re unlikely to have a bad experience if you go with suggestions of previous happy customers. Likewise, you may find the best deals and offers through word of mouth.

2. Plan each detail before starting
Although it may seem tedious, try to plan everything down to each tiny detail, even drawer handles and door knobs. Not only will this help you stick to your budget, you won’t make any last minute spur-of-the-moment decisions that you could end up regretting.

3. Hire professionals
Don’t try to take on any work that you’re not confident you can complete successfully, or you’ll probably just end up spending more time and money when you end up getting the professionals in to sort it out for you. Skip the disaster and call them to begin with.

4. Don’t choose anything too ‘trendy’
Whilst lime green with a splash of orange might seem like a good idea now, chances are it will look dated in a few years. Choose timeless décor that won’t age.

5. Don’t make any final payments until all work has been done
If you do end up using professionals, make sure they’ve finished all the work they are contracted to before paying them. You don’t want to realise after you’ve paid them that something hasn’t been completed- you could end up with another bill.

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